Temperature Controlled Trailers

Temperature Controlled Trailers, also known as Reefers, are insulated and refrigerated compartments that are ideal for transporting perishable items like meat, dairy, frozen foods, and beverages. When it comes to things like food and medicines, shelf life matters. You can stop unexpected delays and problems in your supply chain from impacting your business and perishable products by using the right trailers for your temperature-sensitive goods.


Reefer containers are the best choice for transporting items like chocolate, candy, computer servers, industrial lubricants, produce, and even flowers. When it comes to moving perishable items, you need to make sure you use the services of a transportation company you trust.


Whether you want to protect ice cream from melting in the summer or liquid items from freezing in the winter, we’ll help you find the right solutions for your cold chain storage and supply needs.


Here at Concept Logistics, we are passionate about logistics and have more than two decades worth of knowledge to help you get every detail right. There are more than a few reasons why you should let us find you the right Temperature Controlled Trailers.


  • We’ll eliminate uncertainty and long processes, and get the job done on time and at an affordable price.
  • We have the right balance of equipment and services to help you succeed.
  • Our dedicated team of reefer specialists will help you find a technologically advanced temperature controlled container.
  • We keep a close eye on your freight and work alongside you to eliminate common errors that could negatively impact your business.
  • We take the time to assess your requirements and make sure the transit is seamless


What to Consider When Using Reefers


  • Before you select reefers to haul your freight, keep the following things in mind:
  • Reefers have a maximum weight capacity of around 44,000 lbs.
  • They could be anywhere from 28-53’ in length, 96-102’ in width, and 12.5-13.5’ in height.
  • They often come with a few options like produce chutes, E-Track systems, roll up doors, and swing doors.
  • Reefers are designed to keep even the most delicate goods in proper condition.
  • They preserve the quality of perishable items and prolong their shelf life.
  • Since they’re equipped with stand-alone refrigeration units, they function well, even in extreme conditions.


Our freight management specialists at Concept bring you innovative, custom-made shipping solutions and warehousing services that keep you ahead of the rest. Whether you need to store or transport fragile or high-value goods, we’ll ensure your cargo receives top-notch protective care right from pickup to delivery.


We are headquartered in Buffalo, New York and transport freight to the 48 contiguous states, Canada, and Mexico. We’ve established valuable relationships with all our customers, including our carriers and shippers, and have grown into one of the premier single source transportation solution providers in the country.