Concept Logistics is the expert in intermodal transport brokerage services. Make us your number one choice for the provision of 3pl, third-party logistics when you need to transport your goods using two or more different modes of transport.


Why Use Intermodal Transportation Services?


The ability to transport goods using multiple transport methods can open up more opportunities, streamline your supply chain, improve business processes, and increase your bottom line.


How Intermodal Transportation Works


Your goods are loaded into and stored inside an intermodal container, which is a durable, closed, steel box. Various sizes are available, depending on what you are transporting. The containers are designed to be stacked, packed tightly in a ship or yard to use space economically, and to load on and off ships, trucks, and trains.


The items inside the container are protected during transit and are less likely to be knocked or damaged. As well as being safe and secure, they are protected from theft, making intermodal transportation a secure option for moving your goods – from warehouse to destination.


Concept Logistics can arrange for your goods to be delivered in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, whether the journey involves crossing oceans, traveling highways, or traversing railroads.


Why Choose Intermodal and Rail Shipping Services?


  • Ability to transport larger volumes and, in some cases, faster journey times.
  • Different modes of transport have varying schedules or more flexible timings.
  • Budget-friendly alternative to truckload shipping.
  • Environmentally friendly – using trains reduces your carbon footprint and can be more cost effective.
  • Trains can cope with more extreme weather conditions than many roads.
  • Refrigerated intermodal shipping is now available for goods that require certain temperatures.
  • Intermodal transportation adds to your supply chain strategy by complementing the ways you move your freight.
  • Enables you to transport the right capacity at the right time, in the right place, for your business requirements.
  • Moving goods using more than one means of transport increases your options and can often streamline or improve deliveries.


Reasons to Use Concept Logistics for Intermodal Transport


  • From sea to railroad to highway, we arrange safe, efficient, intermodal transportation.
  • Our Buffalo-Based team of experts has decades of experience in warehousing and single source logistics and we can find the best solution for you.
  • Employee empowerment is central to our core values; our team of experts can advise you on intermodal capacity, pricing and opportunity.
  • We believe in forming strong, reliable partnerships and acting as an extension of your company.