Finding Your Solution

We’re a non-asset based transportation provider. That means we help you find a way to get your goods where they need to go. We move what matters to you.


If you’re a carrier, we’ll identify your needs and get you the moves you need. We’ll reduce your costs and deadhead to help you stay true to your commitments to both your customers and your drivers. Our mission is to craft a mutually beneficial relationship with our valued carriers.


Value Proposition to Shippers

We can help you streamline your process for visibility and extend your capabilities. We can serve as your single-source provider. We’ll make sure you have all the tools you need to meet your supply chain needs to achieve your goals. Concept handles all types of commodities: plastics, metal rings, food products—and everything in between.

Concept Logistics Is a Provider Who Can:


  • Implement the latest regulations
  • Find new supply chain solutions
  • Keep up with cutting-edge technology
  • Handle every detail all the way through your supply chain
  • Utilize its employees’ vast experience and expertise to meet all of your logistical needs: the HOW, WHAT, AND WHEN


When you task Concept with your logistical challenges, you can be confident that we’re the best solution to help you achieve your supply chain goals.

The Concept Logistics Difference

What sets us apart from other transportation providers:


Options: We use many quality carriers and shipping solutions.

Reputation: We’ve forged relationships with shippers and carriers that go back to 1988.

Expertise: Our team has years of expertise in all of the facets of the logistics industry.