Leading Through A Crisis

Leading Through A Crisis

2020, the year we will never forget. This global crisis has sent shock waves through our world as we know it. Although most of us would chose to leave COVID-19 in the rear-view mirror, it has shined light on some very important things that may have gone unnoticed in our everyday life.

As levels of uncertainty grew, our personal and professionally environments disrupted, we were left searching for answers. We had yet to practice this one in the playbook.  My first thought was the health and safety of our Concept family, stretching from employees, to their loved ones, to our customers and carriers and all who battle with us day in and day out. After securing a safe working space, I thought it was all about stabilization, security, and most of all survival. The goal was to secure and stabilize, to come out of this with our full team intact—adjustments were necessary. The initial shock started to fade. The team was there for one another. It was clear we’re not going to just ride this out, we are going to find the good in it.

Where is the lesson in this all? Quality partnerships are imperative to get through tough times. I feel Concept’s power of good relationships, trusted partners in business and knowing we have our employees to count on are our key components. We have had minimal disruptions in conducting business during this crisis as a reflection of our strong partnerships. We are in business to serve industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, and cleaning supplies, amongst many other essential products. Our job is to provide guidance to those valuable customers and carriers who have trusted us for so many years.

In this time where supply chains are disrupted, work forces reduced and carriers who are scrambling for business, communication is imperative. Communication has proven to be a key factor in our success internally, and just as important externally. We have placed an extreme focus into communicating with those who rely on us, allowing them to concentrate on supplying our country with valued commodities.

This is by far the most bizarre experience of my professional career, yet also one of my proudest. Our team has adapted, stayed focused and most of all had each other’s back. In a world of unknowns, you want people and partners you know you can count on, thus contributing to our success during this pandemic.

With new challenges on the horizon, we will continue to come together and plan for brighter days. When we get to our new “normal” I am confident that we have measures in place to hit the ground running!

Stay safe and healthy,
Brendon Daley, President