COVID-19 Update: March 24

COVID-19 Update: March 24

Dear Customer & Partners,

We are now on our second week of social distancing and stay-at-home orders. While assessing which of our customers are essential services or products, Concept continues to believe that communication is paramount. Therefore, for this COVID-19 update, we wanted to share some of our statistics with our clients and carrier partners.

Two weeks ago we started reaching out to our clients in an effort to find out who is Open, Limited, or Closed due to the Coronavirus as well as their expected volume impact and confidence level. By the end of 3/20 we had 54 customers reply to these questions. See a summary of the responses below:

**Volume expectation NOT based on weight averages, meaning that a 20 load per month shipper is weighted the same as a 200 load per month shipper**

Coming into this week, 3/23, we received responses from our customers and news that a few more were closing down as non-essentials.  These closures have lowered our volume expectations by 8% taking us to 80% of what was expected prior to Covid-19.  Again, these aren’t weighted averages, and we are noticing that only 1 of our Top 10 Shippers are closed, and only 4 of our Top 20.  With a majority of our largest customers being essential services, we anticipate an actual volume decrease of around 7% to 93%, largely as a result of these customers seeing increases in their volumes.  Below are what this week’s updated numbers look like as of 3/24:

**8% decrease in volume expectation so far this week**
**The confidence levels are completely subjective to the person we are asking and will vary by individual depending on their role with the company and their personal impact**

We want to monitor our client’s confidence levels through this crisis in order to gauge where we are needed most. Concept is committed to caring for our customer’s and carrier’s needs so please reach out to us. If you would like to make sure your logistics needs are met and steps are taken to mitigate overall impact to your business contact your Sales Rep or email us at to schedule a crisis consultation.

Concept Leadership