Our Approach to COVID-19

Our Approach to COVID-19

Dear Customers & Partners,

Amidst all that is going on in our communities with the spread of COVID-19, Concept is taking preventative measures to help slow and stop its spread. 

Our number one priority is the health and well-being of our employees, our clients, and our carrier partners, as well as their families. It is unclear at this point exactly where we can best be of service to some of our clients and carriers in the early phases, so please let us know how we can help. 

As we have been monitoring the spread of the virus since the end of January, we understand this pandemic has and will impact many of our clients, families, and friends. We want our clients to know that Concept will remain open for business and continue to serve you and your logistics needs.

Concept is committed to our same standard of excellence, and will be taking the below precautions to minimize direct social interactions:

“Skeleton crew” – We are limiting the number of people working from the office until further notice.

Mobile support – The rest of the operations, accounting and sales teams are working from home and will be ready to serve you. 

Travel restriction – We are canceling all customer visits and business travel for employees until further notice.

Communication is one of the most important things Concept can offer our clients and carriers right now, so we will be providing twice-weekly updates on our capacity and anything else we are observing in the marketplace.  We are asking our sales team to reach out to learn more about your preparations and how you think you will be impacted, all in an effort to keep our carriers ready to make your vital deliveries.

Our experience tells us that we will power through this, resilience is woven into the fabric of America.

Concept Leadership